• Greetings,

    I'm Adam B Cochrane.

    Service & Strategic Designer.

  • Let's talk about ...

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    Crafting Loved Products & Services.

    From Indigenous Australians to corporate Austrians I have had the privilege to work around the world with diverse teams on complicated problems.


    I help teams create simple, fun and delightful product & services that are radically user focused. I take pride in making solutions that don't just sit on slides but create impact.


    Currently, you can see my work as a Senior Strategic Designer @ Lufthansa Innovation Hub 

    Here are some recent highlights from journey: an article on prototyping at scale, or talking about ritual design or hacking user research


    Although much of my work is hidden under NDA's you can see evidence of my previous work as a Lead Service Designer at Taxfix, Senior Product Designer at Zalando, IXDS (now PwC), Factory Berlin, Design Factory Melbourne, Goodpatch, Telekom's Creation Center, Mimi, & Lykon


    I was educated from the masters of innovation at Stanford's ME310 & Sugar Network, Design Factory Melbourne & Swinburne Design.-

  • How to Master Design Doing

    I help teams and individuals to understand, and take advantage of Human Centred Design practices. I build up people through one-on-one trainings, group coaching and facilitation of workshops. For example design jams and product hackathons. I help to instill a unifying passion that gets teams to create great experience for their users.


    To find out more you can check out my not for profit work with Jam Berlin, As a creative guide for jovoto and previously as a design thinking coach with diffferent & TAK.

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    The power of being visual.

    Bring tangible and visual results to any event with my skills to narrate conversation through my graphic visualisation skills - For a better look into my previous work check out my visual portfolio

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  • About all things coffee.

    It's the start of every great day and every great conversation.

    As well as being a talented designer, I was also a professional Barista with 8+ years experience.
    Happy to give out my personal tips and tricks

    and have a lively discussion about the holy beans.


    Coffee is just one of the many things I love;

    We can also chat about - hackathons, cycling, and kayaking too.

    Most importantly is to just start!


    If you want to know more,  let’s meet for a coffee!

  • The cheer squad

    Thank you for your kind words.

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    Adam St.John Lawrence
    Co - Author: This is Service Design Doing.

    "Adam Cochrane is one of those people who can energise a room without seeming to try. He is highly creative but also thoughtful, pragmatic, very human and he delivers what he promises. I have always learned something new every time I have worked with Adam; I would rejoice at the opportunity to work with him again."


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    Dee Scarano

    Lead Design Sprint trainer at AJ&Smart GmbH

    Adam is a passionate, dedicated and skilled service designer. He can bring a room of people on a journey and drive focus and engagement like no-one I've ever seen. He commands attention and is a fantastic facilitator and designer.

    I've worked with Adam for 4 years on the Global Service Jam, and he is the one who leads that team to success and action all the way. Any company would be lucky to have him in their team.

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    Mark Strachan

    Design Lecturer,

    Consultant & Fellow

    "Adam is a committed and passionate designer. He is open and receptive to new challenges, and has enthusiastically embraced service design especially in the realms of social organisations and enterprises. Adam is able to effectively apply a range of methods and techniques throughout his design practices and this makes him an asset to any design team."